A Great Moving Company

When it came time to actually move, I had to figure out which company to use. My oldest daughter had just had a bad experience one month earlier. I learned about a company named ABF on MovingScam.com.

If you ever have to move and you are up for the task of packing your stuff yourself, I would recommend them heartily. They have been very accommodating and professional in all of my dealings with this company. Whether it was their call center, the hub in the San Fernando Valley or the Kansas City site, I have found them to be cordial, honest and easy to deal with.

First, I informed them that I would be unable to be present when they dropped the trailer off at our house. They were able to adjust to accomodate me. When I arrived home and found the truck parked in the location I had asked but facing the “wrong” direction, they politely informed me that they had to park the truck the way they did per the vehicle code of California. I asked them if they could move it to a better position. Although it was late on Friday night, they sent someone out to move the truck to a better position. That my friend is exceptional service!

It took us longer than I anticipated to load the truck. They adjusted their pick up time three times!!!

When I called them for delivery in Kansas City, the driver gave me a courtesy call projecting his arrival time. When we unloaded, nothing was broken or shifted. I am very pleased with this company.

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