The Saga Continues

Here is the latest status on Ray-Ray’s Big Adventure…

The shop that came and towed my car has a very good reputation. (good news)

The T-Bird’s custom suspension looks like it is completely unharmed. If that ends up being true, considering that the front left hub slammed onto the road, that would be AMAZING! (very good news)

The tire shop ordered the tire. (good news)

It will be here by Friday. (very bad news)

Because I customized the suspension, I have to have a replacement 17″ rim to fit over my oversize front disk brakes. (bad news)

I found the exact rim that I need for sale on the Internet! (good news)

The rims are for sale in Colorado Springs, CO (340 miles), Bristow, OK (430 miles) or Corisicana, TX (535 miles). (bad news)

The guy in Texas responded to my e-mail. (good news and bad news)

He can’t ship it because he has lost his job and doesn’t have the $50 it would take to FedEx it to me! (really bad news)

But, after hearing about my story, he actually felt better about his own situation!!! It is so gratifying to be able to make people feel better about their life!

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