No pretending

I had been driving for 6 1/2 hours when I reached Pratt, KS and was starting to nod a little. I began looking for a place to pull off to the side of the road to sleep that was large enough for me to get both of my vehicles off and back onto the highway. A little side road would not do.

I drove for several miles until I found a pullout on the side of the road that was paved and rectangular. Rather curious It was right next to a 5 acre grove of trees that were destroyed by a tornado earlier this week! How do I know this?

Well, as I walked around an uprooted pine tree with a 3′ diameter trunk and 6′ diameter root ball, I noticed that all of the needles were still green and fresh! This happened this week!

I am so glad that I was stopped from driving on Monday and Thursday. If everything had worked out according to my original plan, I would have been driving through Pratt at approximately 7:30-8:00 on Monday night when this tornado touched down. (note the 5th paragraph)

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