Honey, we’re just in time!

We climbed into the truck and began out trek to Nashville to attend a wedding this weekend. Both the bride and the groom are from families that we have known and loved for more than 25 years. In fact, my wife and I are invited to the rehearsal brunch on Saturday! What an unexpected treat!

However, 45 minutes into the drive, we discovered that we forgot the bridesmaid’s dress. So, before we even got started real good, we were over an hour behind schedule!

I can’t tell you how that thrilled me! Another great opportunity to demonstrate my maturity as a husband!

Perhaps I should have expected this, but that ‘little’ delay put us into St. Louis just in time to drive through the heart of a storm generating the latest tornado warning!

Huge lightning bolts right off the freeway! Hydroplaning! So much rain falling that driving 45 MPH was dangerous! In some areas, the water was OVER TWO FEET DEEP…ON THE FREEWAY!

Perhaps we are secretly addicted to excitement…you know, “Hey, hon, since there is nothing happening in KC today, let’s see if we can catch that tornado in St. Louis this afternoon.”

I’m writing this so you know we made it through.

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