I broke the trash can!

I sat at the breakfast table as long as I could watching Roberto eat. The longer I sat there, the less I felt like a heel. However, I was getting antsy. Then I had a good thought. 

“I’m going to throw my paper plate in the trash and minimize their clean up.” So, I did that.

But not without complications…

As I pressed the flap to release the top lid, it came off in my hand!

I thought that it must have just popped out of its mounting so I tried for the better part of a minute to fix it.

Now, keep in mind that I am approaching 50 years of age…My eye sight is not what it used to be, not that it has ever been that good, but I need to get bifocals. To see anything in detail, I have to move the object nearer until it is about 6″ from my eye.

Since I was unable to pop the handle back in place, I had to move my face close enought to see exactly how this thing is mounted. It was then that I started laughing out loud.

I can’t fix it! It really is broken. As if rushing to eat before my hosts sat down wasn’t bad enough, I now have thanked them by BREAKING THEIR TRASH CAN! There is no way to hide it! The evidence is still in my hand!

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