He’s Growing Up

My son spent the day with his younger sister and our friends two daughters. Being 17 years old, the female of the species is becoming of greater interest to him.

He arrested me in the hall and proceeded to tell me EVERY LITTLE DETAIL of the whole day: where they went, what they did, what he they ate, etc. etc.

He even followed me down the hall to the door of the bathroom.

As I listened to him, I kept wondering, “Dude, why do you feel that you have to tell me all of this?”

I think I have figured it out.

He may not know it but I think that he was excited because he was mature enough to handle the whole day. He was responsible in his behavior and actions with the young women and he was responsible in his eating. (he has a big wrestling tournament starting Thursday and he still needs to cut two pounds).

I appreciate that he wanted to tell me. I am going to tell him that I am proud of him.

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