Please, tell me again. Why am I doing this?

I keep waiting for the moment when running becomes enjoyable. I have heard that there are people who experience such wondrous feelings but, at least to this point, I am not one of them.

Far from it…

My inner conversation went something like this during this morning’s run:

Q: Why am I doing this? (Something in my soul seconded that with, “Yeah, that is a good question!”

A: So you can get in shape. (The same voice muttered “That is such a weak answer.”)

Q: Why do i want to get in shape? (Again, “Yeah, that is a great question!”)

A: To live longer

Q: Why do I want to live longer…

The next answer was pretty muddled, something about finishing what God has planned for me to do, etc., etc.

Thankfully, the run was nearly over at that point.

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