I made it

Last week I tried to run my full 3.8 mile course three times and three times I failed. I did go a little bit further with each succeeding run. However, I just couldn’t make it the whole way.

Today, I finally succeeded in running the whole route. However, my time was…shall we say, less than inspiring.

Oh, well, I’m not training to be a contestant in the Olympics so I have time to improve.

Addendum:  I can’t believe that I forgot this! When I crossed the finish line, I was very weak. In fact, I started to faint. My legs grew weak, my knees started to buckle and I became very lightheaded! There was a woman walking her dog who quickly became very concerned!

“Are you all right.”

I smiled, held my hand up to wave as I tried not to fall down…

and then as I started regaining my strength, I whispered, “I’m just really out of shape!”

I have never experienced that before! Oh well, all for the cause.

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