Ambushed by a teenage brain

It’s been awhile since I have been negatively impacted by the two developing adolescent brains that live with me.

I mean, I live with them every day and deal with them every day. I am very aware that they are still developing! However, today brought back memories.

I went to pick up my children from school today, as usual. My youngest daughter came out as usual. But, I waited and waited for my son. Where in the heck is he?!?!?

I called his cell phone…no answer!

Finally, he answered my daughter’s call. He was in a meeting for the National Honor Society.

How, can I get mad at him? I’ll just tell you what I said to him when he finally came out 45 minutes later…

“Fellow, does your phone work?”


“Well, why didn’t you call me to let me know that you had to stay late?”

“I didn’t think of it.”

What’s a father to do?

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  1. Rosie says:


    Well, it still happens with 30 year olds. My brother is the poster child.

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