A needle in the haystack!

After I my wife and I drove by two more houses with my wife this morning, we had a little time before we met with the realtor to go inside four more houses. On a lark, I drove by the house that mysteriously went off the market. What if I could meet and talk to the owner and find out why he took it off the market?

You’ll never guess what I found when I pulled in front of the house…

the owner feeding his dog! What are the odds of that happening…in the middle of the morning?

He took it off the market because his father was admitted into surgery for quadruple bypass surgery in Lebanon and he might be flying to see him if things don’t go well.

If his father comes through the surgery, he is going to do what he does every winter-close the house up and head to Laguna Beach, CA for the winter! My guess is that he doesn’t really NEED the money…

Anyway, we talked, toured the house (it was beautiful) and tried to work out a deal. In the end, the best we could do was a good deal. But if I am going to ask my father-in-law to loan us money, it is going to have to be a GREAT deal!

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