A young lady blossoms

I am really blessed with GREAT children. I mean that-GREAT children.

I first started talking to my youngest daughter about developing the character trait of self-control and the importance of setting goals when she came out to help me pack up our house in March.

Over the past six months, she has really been making an effort to change her character.

She has been learning to control her eating, embarked on a running program and begun to write out some goals. In the past few weeks, she has even made up an Excel spreadsheet to keep herself accountable to carry out the plans that she has made to reach her goals. Aaah! A girl after my own heart.

She is really beginning to enjoy the sweet taste of success. Slowly but surely, she is losing weight. Her consistent exercise is slowly changing the shape of her body. She is developing a consistent devotional life and she beginning to excel in school! Most importantly, she is becoming more more confident.

I have told her that she looks great. But, I have told her that I am far more proud of who she is becoming. She is changing from someone who adopts the first available excuse to someone who takes action.

I am so happy for her. She is growing up!

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