A tough decision just might get a little tougher

After dropping my wife off at Costco, I got inspired to go talk to the wrestling coach in my children’s potential new school

I wanted to see if there is a realistic chance that my son would even make the team. It would be silly to include that as one of the factor’s in my decision if it isn’t a possibility. After all, the school finished fifth in the state last year and the #1 team in the state was rated the #1 high school team in the entire nation.

He said that he thought it was possible. I told him that I was just gathering information to make as wise a  decision as possible because there is a 50% chance that we will move.

I kid you not, as I drove home, I got a call from a recruiter for an aerospace company in Overland Park who saw my résumé on the Web! He interviewed me nearly the entire drive home.

When I informed him that I should be receiving an offer tomorrow from another company, he said that he was forwarding my résumé over immediately and would follow up with a call tomorrow.

I am going to have to interrogate of my wife to see if she has any connection with this guy. If I take the most recent poll results into account, I think that she might just be trying to exert undue influence on the final decision.

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