I’m trying to keep the realtor out of it!

I called the homeowner to let him know that his realtor called me. I told him that she lied to me several times.

He apologized for involving her. I completely understand. Dealing directly with a buyer involves a great deal of risk and responsibility.

However, I explained to him that I didn’t want to involve her because we are not willing to pay the listed price. Her $10-12K commission makes the house too expensive. Without it, the house is a good deal; not a great deal but a good one.

If I offered him what I think the property is worth, then he would reject it because he would receive too little for his house after he subtracted her fees. I know that I would if I were him.

I reassured him again that I am not trying to fast talk him.

He said that he is going to call her tomorrow and then get back to me.

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