Just too dang easy!

This morning, I remembered why I don’t like working out on machines.

If you read my recent posts (click the ‘exercise’ tag button), you are familiar with my challenges in continuing my quest to fight off old age, keep my life insurance costs low and continue to deceive myself that I am not THAT far removed from my prime.

Well, early this morning, I overcame all of the obstacles and jumped on a treadmill at the apartment complex’ gym. I managed to stay on it the whole time this time. But, I now I remember why I don’t like working out on all of these various machines!

When I am running on my normal outdoor course, after about 15-20 minutes, I don’t feel like running any more. I’m not saying that I usually FEEL like running at the start but the lofty ideals and dreams of being fit and healthy and living a long, vigorous, active life are usually strong enough to trick me into starting this regular ritual of self-torture.

As I was saying, before I so rudely interrupted myself, about the 15-20 minute mark, I don’t feel like running anymore. One thing that helps me overcome the temptation to quit is the fact that I am about two miles from home. I have to keep running!

Unfortunately, that is not true on a treadmill. I was already getting progressively “piffed” (think Old English where the letter s looked like the letter f) at CNN’s endless replays of the three plane accidents, various reports of the “harsh” winter weather and announcing the giddy anticipation of Obama’s approaching “Ascent to Power”. I mean NOTHING but negative “news”. 

So when the 15-20 minute mark rolled around, realizing that I was no further from home then when I started, I decided that I had had enough. I quit!

You might say, “just get back on!” And what, watch CNN for 15 more minutes? That’s really inspiring! At least when I am running outdoors, I have the scenery to distract me and the thought that I am getting closer to home give me comfort and encouragement amidst the various sources of pain in my body!

I am going to ask my son to play racquetball with me this afternoon.

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