Wasn’t even going to ask!

After taking a shower and regaining my equilibrium from my son’s desperate attempt to avoid losing so badly (LOL), I took my broken glasses to Costco to order a new frame. My eyes are such that I cannot wear contacts all of the time and I can’t see without my glasses!

When I handed the girl my glasses, she asked me what happened. I closed my left eyelid to show her the damage and told her the story. She responded, “Nice!”

I secretly hoped that they might actually have one in stock and they did! They put my lenses in the new frames in about the time it took me to walk over to the Customer Service counter and play ‘show and tell’ with my wife.

When I went back to pick up my glasses and pay for them, I was told:

“Since this wasn’t really a defect in the frame and you caused the damage, this really isn’t a warranty issue. However, we are going to treat it as such since you bought them so recently.”

They gave me new frames for free!!!

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