This is it???

My son brought home his yearbook. I am glad that we just bought the regular book and didn’t get sucked in to all of the extras because I think we overpaid!

Little to nothing about the football team that came with :04 seconds of advancing to the State tournament…

Nothing about the girl who broke school records in swimming and might be an Olympic contender…

Little to nothing about the school’s best wrestling team in a decade. No pictures of the 4 guys who placed at state.

But there are a whole bunch of “cute” little personal stories about what it “felt” like to go to school!

No pages for the “Best…”, “Worst…” and “Most Likely to …”

In fact, I discovered that our son won a very prestigious “Most…” award only because a young lady congratulated him for it when she signed his yearbook…

Most Innocent!

And then there are the ads…

There are 379 members in my son’s Senior class. 239 parents bought 136 pages of personal ads for their kids at $300 per page! (1/4 page for $75, 1/2 page for $150 and a full page for $300.) If my math is anywhere close to correct, that is around $40,000 to put baby pictures and write a little blurb to your children!

Needless to say, we weren’t one of them.

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  1. Mary Lentz says:

    This cracked me up!!
    I’ve been the editor of my schools yearbook for two years and those are some of the biggest changes I made–no personal parent ads (the money goes towards the school) and every copy on sports pages should support their accomplishments at press time.
    This is one of my favorite blog posts because I can totally relate!! :)

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