It’s official!

Although we haven’t heard from the Financial Aid Committee concerning our appeal, we made the final decision today.

Big A is going to Drexel!

We sent in the housing deposit and scheduled vacation time in September for the big trip to New Jersey/Philadelphia.

I called the Baker University wrestling coach with the bad news. I think he already knew from our last meeting.

I told him that he changed my son’s life. He started protesting but I interrupted him and asked him to let me finish. I wanted him to hear it.

Before he approached me in the bleachers at the Husky Invitational, all that my son had on his wrestling resumé was a second place finish at the Johnson County Classic. Really, not much to get excited about. Big A was going to attend Johnson County Community College. They do not have a wrestling program. Coach May’s interest convinced my son that he could earn a scholarship to a university.

After the State tournament, it was Coach May that encouraged me to send Anson to the High School Senior Nationals because he “earned it” and he “wanted my son to get all of the exposure that he could get.”

Ironically, that is where Drexel became interested.

He awakened big dreams inside of my son. I thanked him sincerely.

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