A tornado’s view of Nashville

I planned to get into Nashville at midnight…

But we left NJ an hour late…

and I didn’t expect the hours worth of stop and go traffic when we left D.C. …

So, we got into Nashville at 2:30 A.M.!

This little Nashville diversion all started when I called my second daughter about two weeks ago with “a great idea.”

“What do you think of driving home with us?”

Although she already had a plane ticket, the idea of spending time with Mom, Dad and her little sister seemed very appealing. So she agreed. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside.

While we were on the phone, she explained all that was going on in her life…

She is entering an intense educational/vocational training program with her church. Since she won’t be able to work as many hours as she has been, she wanted to cut her costs.

Coincidentally, she met some new girls at the church who were looking for a third roommate to rent an apartment that was two minutes from her job and two minutes from the church/school that cost 1/2 as much as her current place.

The big problem is that she is only 9 months into a 2 year lease on her current place. I told her to advertise it and see what happens.

She called me back a few days later to remark on how perfectly everything was going to work out.

“What do you mean?”

“I placed an ad on Facebook and found a renter to take my place that same day!”

“That’s great honey!”

“So, when we drive back to Nashville, you can help me move because I have to be out by Sunday!”

that’s great…yippee…isn’t that wonderful…I have to admit that the thought of moving caused me to lose a little of my fuzz.

When we walked into her existing apartment, I began to realize how woefully incomplete my planning was…Where were we going to sleep?

…in one of Kimba’s roommates bed! Neither my wife nor I was really all that comfortable with that. I had thoughts running through my mind, “What do ‘normal’ people our age do?” But the thought of looking for a hotel at that hour of the night was even less appealing, so we laid down and slept for a few hours.

We were awake by 7:30. By 8:30, we had packed all of our daughter’s stuff into the truck. By 9:30, we had moved her in to a new apartment!

Kimba found her shower curtain, hung it up and we showered and got dressed for church in an apartment that she had not seen before this morning!

While I was in the shower, those “What do ‘normal’ people our age do?” thoughts came back to my mind. How would I know? Who ever accused me of being ‘normal’?

We stopped by Starbucks to meet a bunch of our daughter’s friends then hustled over to church.

Both my wife and I really liked the pastor’s message and philosophy. Kimba is in VERY good hands!

That is a very comforting thought! Although my three oldest children now live in three different states, they are all involved in very good churches.

Then we HAD to eat at The Macaroni Grille! She gets a 50% discount! The food was great

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