Deja vu all over again!

Is there a pattern developing?

In my last post, I told you about the similarities of Kimba’s departure last Christmas and her  arrival this year. Well, we aren’t quite finished.

I was supposed to pick up my oldest daughter, Bean, from the airport last night. She was scheduled to take off from Dallas at 9:30 P.M and land here in Kansas City at 11:00.

The drive home from the airport with Kimba was pretty challenging. Snow was still falling so I imagined that the conditions would only get more difficult when I went back to pick Bean up. I decided to take a nap in order to be fully awake and alert.

So I laid down at 8:15. At 8:30, just as I drifted off to sleep, Bean called to tell me that her flight was delayed. She wouldn’t be getting in until 12:30 A.M.

I thought, “Fine. I will just be that much more rested when I go to pick her up.”

At 11:00, she called again. She wouldn’t be taking off until 12:30…

At 12:30, she called to tell us that her flight had been cancelled…after 9 hours at the airport!

That seemed very familiar to me…

Yes…I remember now. Something similar happened to her when she left KC to go home last Christmas.

Kind of weird…

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