Here is a woman who really understands!

My wife loves watching movies. Me…not so much.

Well, that’s not entirely true. I like watching GOOD movies. But so many of them aren’t very good…

In my opinion…

And while I am watching one of those “it’s oh-kay” movies, my preoccupation with time starts rearing its ugly head and I get restless. I try, but it is hard work!

Fairly early in our marriage, my wife and I watched the movie adaptation of Shakespeare’s play, “The Taming of the Shrew”. For my younger readers, it was made in 1967, long before you were even thought of! You can read all about the play here.

Elizabeth Taylor, one of the beauties of her era, plays Katerina, “an ill tempered, scolding woman.” Richard Burton plays Petruchio, the young man who agrees to take her off of her father’s hands (for a tidy sum, of course) by marrying her. He then sets out to tame her!

I honestly can’t remember how we learned of this movie but I know that I probably suggested that we watch it together. Why?

Well, there was a time in our marriage (certainly not now!) when my wife…


how can I put this…

shared some of Katerina’s emotional traits!

And since she likes to watch movies…

and she likes it even more when I watch with her…

and it was, after all, written by Lord William Shakespeare…

But that was a long time ago.

Now, I think she must be getting desperate. Why do I say that?

Guess what DVD showed up in our house recently?

That’s right…and I didn’t buy it!

We watched it last night. It was interesting that both of us forgot most of the first half of the movie. It seems that all we could remember was the taming part. Great minds think alike.

Things were going great but, alas, my Kate fell asleep just before the former shrew Kate gave the greatest speech that any female has ever delivered in the history of movies!

Aahh, yes…Here is a woman who really “gets it”!

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  1. Genwhirl says:

    That speech gives me shivers! Posted it on FB last night. Wow!

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