I get to play the “bad guy” part

Sometimes being a husband and a father is a thankless job…

I suppose the same can be said about being a wife or a child…I can’t really see how, but I’ll just ASSUME that is is THEORETICALLY possible…but it’s a stretch.

My wife and my youngest daughter recently completed the weight loss portion of a radical diet. Both of them lost over 20 pounds in 40 days!

However, now they are in the second portion of the diet. While what they can eat is still restricted, they are supposed to increase their calories to establish a new “set point”. That is what their bodies will think is the “new normal”.

Which do you think is easier: losing weight banzai style or keeping the weight off through self control???


So, they are tempted to cheat. I don’t blame them. I’d be tempted too…

However, I, being the loving, caring man that I am, want to see them succeed. I want them to keep it off. Let’s win this thing! (I assure you that I have no ulterior motive other than their well being!)

If I just sit there with my mouth shut and just let them just cave, I am not going to be happy internally and they will not be happy in the very near future.

But, if I say anything, I instantly become the bad guy.

We went out to eat tonight and the temptation started.

“Honey, you can’t cheat. It’s not worth it.”

Oh, you should have seen the daggers in her eyes and hear the hisses that escaped her lips!

You know, I look pretty good in a black hat!

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