Why am I in a bad mood?

Last week, before the mid-week church service began, the pastor walked up to me while I was typing on my computer.

“What are you doing?”

“Writing a post for my blog.”

“Can you e-mail me the link. I’d like to read it.”


Well, that little conversation has been haunting me ever since…

“I can’t send him the link yet. I have to finish the major update first. I have to figure out the code to make the menu do what I want, then re-categorize all of the posts so they work with the new configuration.”

So, yesterday I decided to tackle that.

My wife came in while I was working on it. Oh, my attitude was sour!

Then, a few hours later, my chipper little daughter, Cakes, came in. By that time, I was growling like a bear.

“Dad, why are you so mad?”

I had to think about that for awhile. I didn’t really have a readily apparent reason. Then it dawned on me,

“Why am I mad?…I’ll tell you. Because whenever I try to figure out HTML/CSS code, I feel really stupid.”

Then she added, “And then, on top of that, you are probably upset that you are using all of this time…”

Anyway, TWELVE hours later and all that I have essentially learned is what doesn’t work! Growl!

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