It wasn’t supposed to be this complicated

The best laid plans of mice and men, often go awry…

I have mentioned frequently on this blog that I worked on our previous house for the entire 19 years that we owned it.

I am not complaining about that but I wasn’t looking forward to a repeat performance. Things were going to be different with this one!

In fact, I was so determined to avoid repeating our previous experience that we went to Home Depot and ordered carpet for the three bedrooms and the basement family room a few days before we even closed on the house (7/1). The carpet supposed to arrive on 7/7.

I figured that would work out perfectly. We would move our stuff in over the July 4th weekend, recover for a few days and then move into the bedrooms.

On 7/6, we were informed that there were delays at the factory. The carpet would not arrive until 7/27!

I was willing to wait a few days…but three weeks? I don’t think so.

We cancelled the order for bedrooms 2 & 3 and went to Lowe’s and ordered carpet. It was installed on the 15th.

I decided to stick with Home Depot for the master bedroom and the basement. I figured that would give me plenty of time to complete the ceiling remodel.

I no sooner got things good and torn up when Home Depot called and informed me that the carpet had come in 10 days early!

I responded, “Well, I’m not ready!”

“That’s fine. You have up to six months.”

That was three weeks ago and I am still not ready. In fact, I HOPE we can install the carpet before we leave for our family vacation in three weeks!

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