Will I ever get on the road?

Today is D-Day. The lease on the apartment, the large storage unit, the small storage unit and the garage expire at midnight…

We finished loading everything from the garage at about 10:00.

We finished loading everything from the large storage unit at about 1:00

We finished loading everything from the small storage unit at about 2:00 and I was feeling good.

“We should be able to finish in time to get a good night’s sleep before hitting the road early tomorrow morning.”

We got to the apartment at about 2:30. My son started bringing things out of the apartment while I packed the truck. I told you yesterday that I would have to pack every nook and cranny in order to fit everything into the U-Haul. Well, I did just that. After about an hour and a half of non-stop work, Big A came out, looked at the truck, furrowed his brow and asked, “This looks the same as when we started. Where are you putting all of this stuff?”

He was perplexed but I was feeling good. We should be getting close to finishing and have plenty of room in the truck…

I went inside to take a short congratulatory break and see how much more remained to be done. As I walked through the apartment, I muttered to myself, “You have got to be kidding me! This is a furnished apartment…how is there all of this stuff?!”

We worked all evening and into the night…

Box after box… after box… after box… after box… after box!

…and didn’t finish.

But I can’t do any more. I’ll have to get up early and finish tomorrow morning. Sheesh!

I hate moving!

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