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Hurricane Earl was supposed to be meterological Armagedon. The latest in the seemingly endless parade of “end of life as we know it because we filthy humans are destroying the planet with our SUV’s and air conditioners” weather events. And, … Continue reading

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Location, location, location

One of the most unsettling aspect of moving is the disruption of regular routines. I decided to get to work re-establishing one of my favorites yesterday morning! I went out on my newly built back deck, put my coffee down … Continue reading

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Belatedly grateful

As I was listening to my favorite talk shows today, I learned that the Cumberland River had overrun its banks and that Nashville was flooded. It gradually dawned on me… “Hey, wait a minute…my daughter, Kimba, lives near Nashville.” I texted … Continue reading

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Mother Nature gets a little violent

I never ceased to be amazed by how little I know… and how much other people know. A very violent thunderstorm blew through the area. While that is exciting, it isn’t really news. After all, this is the Midwest. But, … Continue reading

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Are we on TV?

When I walked outside early this morning, I did a double take… I couldn’t quite figure out what I was seeing. It snowed last night. That’s not really news any longer. After all, it is winter and this is the … Continue reading

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More ice capades

It warmed up today… It was 29º at lunch time. “That’s pretty warm these days. I’m going to take a walk. ” I came back with this… A four foot long icicle!

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You can’t see this in SoCal

On my way back home from the IHOP Prayer Room, my eye caught a glimpse of a very small waterfall that we had stopped at during the summer months. Back then, the stream of water was so small that you can easily catch it in one hand. … Continue reading

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Do you believe in angels?

As you probably know, it has been snowing quite a bit here in Kansas City. When I went out to the car this morning, I learned that another several inches fell last night. Needless to say, driving in this weather … Continue reading

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Our roots are showing!

I thought that we had done a better job of concealing our true color but… Our Southern California roots are beginning showing. It snowed about two inches last night. Our cars were covered. Then, it snowed all day long. But, … Continue reading

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My first bout with cabin fever

The ground has been covered with snow since Christmas Eve. The streets are drivable but they are much narrower than they were two weeks ago. Instead of two wide lanes, we have 1.75. That being the case, what do you … Continue reading

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