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Something happened to me that I have never experienced before… I’ve heard about this but have never experienced it myself and I have been around a few years! A young man called me on the phone and introduced himself. Nothing unusual … Continue reading

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The morning of the big day

It is bitterly cold here in Wichita this morning. 12° but it feels like 5°. Temperatures in the single digits make me laugh. It just sounds funny when I say it. Try it. My son is sleeping in. The coaches … Continue reading

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Tick, tick, tick, tick (think 60 Minutes)

The clock seems to be ticking faster than normal this week. In four days, my son will be wrestling in the league championships. In three days, my oldest daughter will drive up from Dallas. In two days, my mother flies in … Continue reading

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A great idea goes south

As you know, I have been trying to purchase a reliable used car to make the thirty mile to and from work every day. Thus far, it has been adventurous and unsuccessful. My wife’s parents are coming out next Tuesday … Continue reading

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The front page hits home

Two days ago, my oldest daughter, Bean, called me to tell me that her roommate was laid off with no severance. Her company, Nortel, declared bankruptcy. She had worked there for about one year right out of college. Her aunt, … Continue reading

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It leaves when?

Does everything have to turn into an event? I left the apartment at 5:20 this morning to take my oldest daughter to the airport. No, I am not publishing the same post twice. This is a different day and a … Continue reading

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I blew it!

After picking up my youngest daughter, Cakes, from work, I dropped off some bill payments at the Post Office and headed to the Apple store. I want to finish reviewing the past year so we could continue our celebration of … Continue reading

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Heard at our house #1

While my wife was preparing lunch, our youngest daughter walked up to our oldest daughter and said “I just want you to know that I’ve already told three people and posted it on Facebook that I am going to miss … Continue reading

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Too much estrogen…

You’ve heard of chick flicks… Well, from time to time, I get trapped into living a chick’s life. Take the latest event as an example… I told my wife earlier this morning that I started crying while running this morning. … Continue reading

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Do you think that I’m a little late?

I am 48 years old. I have been working very hard since I was 12 years old. And today, I am embarrassed to say this, but I just set up my first IRA account with Charles Schwab. We started out … Continue reading

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